Ahead of its time

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In One Crown Place, the City now has a home where individuality is celebrated and a new heritage is taking shape. Here you can feel at the epicentre of the world’s most dynamic districts one moment, and effortlessly retreat from the demands of London life the next.

One Crown Place

The vision

One Crown Place is a building that challenges the perception of what the City stands for today, radiating confidence from its prismatic silhouette and offering a welcome antidote to ubiquitous concrete and glass towers. Here a new generation of contemporary taste-makers are invited to make their home within sight of the City’s iconic boundaries.

One Crown Place - Courtyard
One Crown Place

by KPF

London- and New York-based architecture practice KPF were tasked with creating a building that reflected its unique City surroundings.

With a portfolio of high-profile projects in countries as far-flung as Brazil and Shanghai, KPF brings an international perspective to each of its projects, taking inspiration from trends and architectural styles around the world, in doing so creating one-off designs rather than a signature ‘house style’. For One Crown Place, the vision was to create a building combining both imagination and efficiency. In practice, the team tested hundreds of options for the angles of the two towers, to ensure that the prism-like silhouette maximises the views for those inside, it is also designed to have minimal impact on its surroundings, allowing as much natural light as possible to reach the streets below.

One Crown Place
One Crown Place
One Crown Place

The Development

Reflecting the old-meets-new character of the City and Hackney, One Crown Place comprises existing period buildings with two new residential towers offering 246 apartments. The six-floor podium features 10,650sqm of high-quality office space, with a variety of retail space at ground level. The boutique hotel and members’ club occupy the elegant row of Georgian terraces on Sun Street.

One Crown Place