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East Side Story

East Side Story

06 November 2018

Magazine from One Crown Place exploring the rise of the City and its fringe.

The City of London has been one of the world’s most important urban centres for almost 2,000 years. Its success is due to its ability to quickly respond and evolve to the demands of its people through organic growth rather than part of a master plan. Entrepreneurs continue to be drawn to the City for the same reason they always have, it still offers the best opportunities in the world. The City’s culture and entertainment offering, spanning Shoreditch, Clerkenwell and Old Street, reflects a new generation of City worker. No longer primarily a place of business, this vibrant and constantly evolving community is one of the most attractive places to live on earth. AlloyMtd chose One Crown Place to be their first mixed-use development in the UK, because they knew it to be at the heart of the most exciting, creative and fastest developing part of London. These attributes aligned perfectly with their vision. Here we explore the recent rise of the City and its fringe.

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