Construction update July 2019

Construction update July 2019

22 July 2019

Building work has reached the 23rd floor with the facades following close behind.

Since our last update in March, the internal core and steel framework at One Crown Place is now complete up to levels 23, in both the North and South towers, doubling the building's height in just 4 months! The windows, terracotta and colourful ceramic glass facade has been installed on levels 7-13 of the residential towers, gradually revealing the scheme's unique and characterful design. Designed by architect KPF, in partnership with artist Stig Evans, the coloured ceramic facade draws inspiration from the colours of the sky in paintings by the likes of artists John Constable and J.M.W Turner and the terracotta references buildings and materials of the area's past. 

Internally, bathrooms and apartment walls are starting to bring the apartments to life and alongside this, the office floors underneath are being fitted-out.    

You can view the development's progress from June 2016 to present day, in our timelapse video here. 

We are looking forward to 'topping-out' in early 2020, followed by Practical Completion in early 2021.

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