Bowler James Brindley’s East London inspiration

Bowler James Brindley’s East London inspiration

10 March 2017

The apartments and concierge area at One Crown Place were designed by boutique interior design agency, Bowler James Brindley. Here they talk about the unique location of the development and how they used this to inspire their designs.

“We were first inspired by the unique location of One Crown Place, at the fulcrum of 3 compelling districts and neighbourhoods of London - Islington, Hackney and the City. Initially we identified key characteristics of each area from which we could be inspired.

In Islington we recognised, the following attributes - ‘Established’, ‘Professional’ and ‘Family’. In Hackney we recognised the following - ‘Creative’, ‘Industrial’ and ‘Artisanal’. In the City we recognised - ‘Concentrated’, ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Energetic’. Their descriptions were intended to inform the design and were to be applied across all aspects of the culture of these areas of London.

‘Eclectic’ became the key word for us as the design process moved forward – ‘deriving ideas, style or taste from a diverse range of sources. We also applied this adjective to the type of resident we envisioned at One Crown Place. 

To compliment KPF’s architecture, our design concept is a response to the buildings dynamic, ‘energetic’ plan, providing an interior which is harmonious and respectful of the daring architecture. Inspired by the local surroundings, our initial material palette included London Stock brick, industrial metalwork frames, copper and stainless steel. As the design process evolved these materials are still evident sitting alongside marble tiles for the bathrooms and English oak floors.

The team has produced an interior which is at once warm but contemporary, industrial yet glamorous. The geometry is evident and views of the City and of the building itself have been maximised and celebrated.”

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